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Now that Instagram Is Facebook Here Are Instagram Tips and Tricks
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Anyone who has ever met me know I am a little obsessed with new social media. Instagram is no exception. Now that Instagram has arrived on Android, I jumped on the bandwagon with both feet and guns blazing. Pretty cool how I threw three phrases together to coin my own huh?

Instagram Tips and Tricks

Here are the tools I am using to get the most out of my Instagram usage! Not using Instagram? Download Instagram
¦Webstagram – The best Instagram viewer - It lets you do and see everything you can do and see on your phone or tablet device on your desk top! All you have to do is log in with your Instagram credentials and BANG! you are in! You can like pictures, see who liked your pictures, view profiles and follow people from your desktop.

You can even follow makobiscribe right from your desk top – Right now! Go do it You can even comment on a pic saying you are following me so I can comment back at you! Then we can have a grand social media conversation with pictures! Love it!

¦Instagrid is a clean web gallery for your Instagram Photos. You can see all of your photos in one place. You can even see hashtags or receive an Instagrid digest to help you find new users. You can even subscribe to my Instagrid and have it delivered to you every few days (or of your families and friends) I have my mom and grandma subscribe so they do not have to log on their phones every day to see what we are up to.
¦Instaprint is a groovy photo printing app that allows you to duplicate your Instagram photos on paper!
¦Instagallery is for iPad users and has all the same capabilities of the phone application.

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