posted on: 6/4/2011 3:46:04 PM EST
People Join People Thats Social Networking
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Here I am Ranting again Seems like many folks just don't
get it. They think there face book friends want to look at there ads. Is face book a Classifieds ad site or is it a Social network?
Yes there is a Difference and its easy to see that folks that are blasting out there ads over and over again. Will that get them sign ups in there Programs? Well I guess you can get a few but really folks if your profile Picture is a Can of dog food or a Picture of Micky Mouse. Would I think you were a serious business person? Well I guess if your the Owner of Alpo then I guess you would do OK. But If your not the Owner of Alpo Good luck.

Let me Ask you this do you want to do business with Micky Mouse? or a can of Dog food? or a Bottle of vitamins? People do business with People. Success in Social Marketing is really all about know like and trust. Do you think putting product or opportunity first will get you sign ups in your business or opportunity? If its network marketing or some business opportunity I don't think so.

Now there are great ways to advertise your business or opportunity like Classifieds. People do go to classifieds because there looking for something.

If I would join your opportunity I want to know Who you are are you serious about your business? Can I call you or are you hiding behind a Can of Dog food. If there is no way of contacting you will I join your opportunity Nope. So social is about being real.

Just be yourself, Be Real it is all about know like and trust.

Pete Balasch Jr
Skype xyour925job

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