posted on: 12/25/2011 10:11:55 PM EST
Know Like & Trust is Web 2.0
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Three little words And they are Powerful. Know Like And Trust
its all about building Relationships. Business is all about building
relationships. Adam and Eve Started it so really its nothing new. But on the Internet its called Web 2.0. Years Ago when Al Gore Invented the Internet. OK We know that's not true. People thought they could do
business on the Internet with out that Personal Touch. They use pictures of Micky mouse or Donald Duck. Would you Really do business
with folks that Hide there Identity? Not a Smart move. You want to do business with someone that you know like and Trust. Now that's Real Web 2.0. A great Place to build Know Like and Trust is IBO Tool Box.
There are a Few Folks there that don't get it you know they have a Picture of a Can of tomatoes for there Profile. Truthfully do they appear to be business Like?

So build that Know like and Trust put your real Photo in your profile
and your real contact information. People do business with People.

That's Real Web 2.0 So lets be real Join IBOTOOLBOX TODAY

Pete Balasch Jr
Skype xyour925job

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