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Can Internet Marketers survive the trend that made small farmers obsolete?
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I live in a farming area in South West Ontario, Canada. With the arrival of spring, planting of crops is in full swing. There is a very narrow window of opportunity to plant for maximum yield between the last snow and 15 May, after which the growing season becomes too short.

Farmers have had to become bigger to survive, regrettably the small family farm is no longer viable, can no longer support a family. To become bigger, farmers have had to invest in bigger equipment to cover the much bigger areas needed to produce a profit.

Those farmers who cannot expand have had to find a source of off-farm income to subsidise their farming activities. Many then decide that the struggle is not worth the rewards and lease out their land to a bigger operator.

That got me thinking about parallels with business in general and Internet Marketing in particular.

The same trend has seen the loss of many small family owned retail businesses.

Will e-commerce buck the trend?

I wrote about it on my blog.

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