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6/7/2013  I am a Sr. Director with Youngevity Life Sciences!
6/5/2013  What pains and injuries are telling your body!
6/4/2013  Warning! Do You Use A Cholesterol Lowering Drug?
5/5/2013  Selenium: The little mineral that can!
4/16/2013  Rebound from injury to energy
4/13/2013  I’m gonna live the rich life, Beckah Shae
4/11/2013  Xplocial starts a social economic movement
4/8/2013  Introducing the Xplocial "Get Paid Now" Program
4/7/2013  The structure and life of human cells: How to create new healthy
4/6/2013  Clemson Nutraceutical Study on Youngevity’s Products: Cancer Cell
4/6/2013  Clemson Nutraceutical Study on Youngevity’s Products: Inflammatio
4/5/2013  Clemson Nutraceutical Study on Youngevity’s Products: SAFETY Test
4/4/2013  Youngevity Named Among the Top-100 Global Direct Selling
2/19/2013  Youngevity's Nutritional Supplements for pets and animals
2/19/2013  Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster by Youngevity
2/18/2013  Tazza Di Vita…The Cup of Life
2/18/2013  Chocolate Lovers!Try my Healthy Chocolate by Youngevity
1/26/2013  Youngevity Announces Results of Clemson University Nutraceutical
1/2/2013  Amylase For Type 1 and Type II Diabetics
1/1/2013  What is the study of Nutraceutical?
12/31/2012  Clemson University Completes Nutraceutical Clinical Study of Youn
12/30/2012  Help Wanted – Global Cyber-Consultants w/Benefits
12/30/2012  Are you afraid to shop or pay bills online during a certain hour?
12/28/2012  Life Saving Minerals Part-4: If I knew then what I know now!
12/22/2012  Let’s team up to share an awesome eBook Referral Club!
9/22/2012  Life Saving Minerals Part-3: Where do minerals come from?
9/21/2012  Life Saving Minerals Part-2: What role do minerals play in our he
9/21/2012  Life Saving Minerals Part-1: Are not in the 4 Food Groups!
9/18/2012  90-For-Life:Youngevity’s One Stop for Living Healthy Longer!
9/15/2012  Getting Healthy Part-6 for: Brain and Heart Health
9/15/2012  Getting Healthy Part-5 for: Healthy Digestive Function
9/14/2012  Getting Healthy Part-4: Why Couch Potatoes live longer than Athle
9/9/2012  Getting Healthy Part-3: Most deaths can be prevented!
9/9/2012  Getting Healthy Part-2: Most deaths due to complication of an ill
9/8/2012  Getting Healthy Part-1 Do Doctor’s today adhere to the medical oa
9/6/2012  Speak with Dr Wallach Live M-F Radio Show
9/6/2012  Meet Youngevity’s founder Dr. Wallach; up close and personal!
9/2/2012  I miss Paul’s weekly IBO webinars!
8/27/2012  Yes You Can Facebook for profit!
8/18/2012  Chloride is a main ingredient of Vitamin O
8/16/2012  What is Vitamin-O and why do we need Vitamin-O?
7/10/2012  An invitation to The IBO way to brand your business
6/29/2012  Healthy Start Pak Part-4 for: Creating Good Health
6/25/2012  Healthy Start Pak Part-3 for: Anti-Aging
6/21/2012  Yes You Can Text and Drive
6/15/2012  Prosper With Integrity is a Community of legal cash gifters
6/15/2012  Healthy Start Pak Part-2 for: Diabetes (Blood Sugar Control)
6/11/2012  Healthy Start Pak Part-1 for: chronic pain, bone, joint, and liga
6/1/2012  OneStop for Rating and Ranking MLM businesses
5/30/2012  Never put all your eggs in one basket!
5/28/2012  Marketing Incentives to Market Your Business – FREE
5/27/2012  Testimony -1 Drinking Youngevity's 360-Hexagonal-Alkaline-Water
5/23/2012  Drink Alkaline Water – Its catching on!
5/17/2012  The healthiest water 4 U is Hexagonal Alkaline Water!
5/17/2012  I bought it! Youngevity’s Vitalizer Plus - It Makes Hexagonal Alk
5/9/2012  What type of water is best for hydrating, healing, and optimal he
5/6/2012  Detoxifying your liver and lowering your LDL Cholesterol
5/6/2012  The Alzheimer's Solution
5/5/2012  Does Your Body Need A Complete Overhaul?
4/22/2012  Acidosis: Gatorade/Sodas vs my360 Alkaline Water, Part-6
4/18/2012  Acidosis: My 360-Water is 100% natural hexagonal artesian alkalin
4/16/2012  Acidosis: Acid & Alkalized Foods, Part-4 (Your pH Goal is 7.8)
4/15/2012  Acidosis: What doctors don’t tell you about the miracle of alkali
4/15/2012  Acidosis: What does pH mean? – Part-2
4/14/2012  Acidosis: Too much acid in body fluids – Part-1
4/11/2012  My road map to life without Type-2 Diabetes (Part-6)
4/9/2012  Don't Put It Off Any Longer! Backup Your Computer Now
4/8/2012  "My road map to life without Type-2 Diabetes" (Part-5)
4/7/2012  "My road map to life without Type-2 Diabetes" (Part-4)
4/7/2012  "My road map to life without Type-2 Diabetes" (Part-3)
4/2/2012  “My road map to life without Type-2 Diabetes” (Part-2)
4/2/2012  "My road map to life without Type-2 Diabetes" (Part-1)
3/30/2012  Join my 90-For-Life-Crusade to cure chronic diseases
3/28/2012  Every human needs the 90-For-Life "Essentials" (The Mighty-90 Hea
3/27/2012  What is Gestational Diabetes? (Type-2 Diabetes Part-5 End of Seri
3/24/2012  Identifying the Genetic Risks (Type-2 Diabetes Part-4)
3/22/2012  What are the Genetic Risks? (Type-2 Diabetes Part-3)
3/19/2012  Ten Stars For IBOToolbox
3/18/2012  Thank you IBO for an exciting FMOTD!
3/18/2012  What's in a name? "Zalee"
3/17/2012  Silencing the “Silent Killer” (Type-2 Diabetes Part-2)
3/13/2012  Use “SWEET EZE” To Help Lower A1C Levels! (Type-2 Diabetes Part-1
3/7/2012  FDI-Youngevity adds 25,000 customers and distributors since Nov11
3/7/2012  What are the 90-For-Life Essential Nutrients? (Healthy Start Pack
3/6/2012  Dr. Wallach's Complete Lecture: Dead Doctors Don't Lie"
3/2/2012  Cancers (diseases) cannot live in an alkaline body! Drink 360-Alk
2/29/2012  Is there a link between Alzheimer’s and Cholesterol lowering drug
2/25/2012  I want to make you well! (Part 2 of 2)
2/13/2012  My review of the 54th Grammy Awards
2/10/2012  What is this new business named 4-Color-Gold?
1/26/2012  4-Color-Gold Printing has ‘HELP WANTED’ signs in the window!
1/20/2012  Go See "Red Tails" the movie about the Tuskegee Airmen
12/10/2011  I want to make you well! (Part 1 of 2)
10/29/2011  Youngevity's Beauty & Minerals Make-up Collection
10/27/2011  FDI-Youngevity's Power Play Promotion
10/25/2011  About FDI & Youngevity
10/19/2011  How to tell which homebase business is right for you?
10/17/2011  Additional information for all of the wellness videos on this sit
10/14/2011  Live anywhere and own a U.S. telephone number!
10/10/2011  The SUN will never set on your business
10/2/2011  SpeechPhone's VoIP is Global
9/17/2011  Press Release: "FDI-Youngevity saves Americans $1Million in 30-da
9/4/2011  Youngevity Acquires Adaptogenix International
9/1/2011  Who is Dr. Joel Wallach and why should you care?
8/30/2011  The right vitamins, minerals, and supplements?
8/20/2011  New investment club sets out to create jobs in Dallas southern se
8/15/2011  Javalution, gluten-free coffee, javafit healthy coffee, diet coff
8/14/2011  That Famous/Infamous Tape - "Dead Doctors Don't Lie"
8/8/2011  FDI provides 133,000+ more than $2M in prescription discounts!
7/31/2011  IBO Associate Service Etiquette
7/25/2011  SpeechPhone's Video Phone (U.S. & International)
7/13/2011  Tired of missing important calls? Let Madndi Answer your calls!
6/22/2011  MD Law Monitors Prescription Drugs
6/10/2011  Youngevity - THE MLM FOR ME; My Story
6/4/2011  My Personal Development - Sun Tzu TACTICAL DISPOSITIONS
5/29/2011  Let FDI Restore and Rebuild Your Credit Part 3-of-3
5/29/2011  Let FDI Restore and Rebuild Your Credit Part 2-of-3
5/28/2011  Let FDI-Youngevity Restore and Rebuild Your Credit Blog Part 1-of
5/28/2011  LifeLock guarantees and protects your good name
5/27/2011  A doctor when you need one 24/7 - 365
5/23/2011  Youngevity's 90-for-Life-Discount-Savings Card
5/21/2011  You are standing in the way of your success! Youngevity is the an